• Elisa is one of those people that is one in a million. She is one of the few that practices what she preaches, and is completely authentic about how she does it. She is genuine and straight forward. One of the few HR Executives that actually has the ability to disrupt and think differently inside a complex industry.
  • Elisa has the power to do anything. I have used her in a consulting role to assist with strategic thinking surrounding product design and messaging. She has an analytical mind and can easily understand the objectives you are looking to accomplish and the creativity to identify solutions and a strategic plan to make them happen.
  • Elisa is an incredibly empathetic and insightful leader and strategist. I can’t say enough about how she is positively impacting the industry! She has that ruthless compassion mindset that transforms every client and organization she works with into optimal performers.
    Jason Van Camp, Chairman & Executive Director
    Mission Six Zero | Warrior Rising
  • Elisa's first priority is to make you feel like you belong. Her primary focus is: building strong relationships upon foundations of trust and caring. Because she is expert in relationship building, she is highly competent in helping others see her vision.
  • Elisa's passion is reflected in everything she does. Whether it's people, branding or a bold strategic vision, her passion not only drives her creative vision; it compels others to engage and help make her ideas possible.
    Jefferson Walsh, CTO
    Christopherson Business Travel
  • Elisa is the future of Business. Her strategic skills combine the best of the "generations": She has the work ethic of a Traditionalist; the knowledge of a Boomer; the energy of a Millennial; and the branding skills of a Gen Z.
  • Elisa is a pioneer and a trailblazer; I have talked to many people over the years who can trace back a time Elisa has helped them professionally and personally.
    Doug Karo, Customer Relations Manager
    Ernest Packaging Solutions
  • Elisa is THE Swiss Army knife in business. She may focus on people, but her ability to understand each department and their business alignment makes her a secret weapon to lead strategy.
  • Elisa always operates int he highest context. Her deep grasp of people and strategy enable her to quickly and sustainably create extraordinary value in any environment.
  • Elisa goes above and beyond! You can’t not love her. She will become a friend, and one of the best mentors you could hope for.


My talents align with my core purpose: To inspire individuals, companies and communities for better work, better workplaces and a better world.


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